Easy and Cheap DIY Headboard Ideas

Creative and Cheap DIY Headboard Ideas (1)As long as my husband and I have been married, we have never had a headboard or a matching bedroom set.  This is crazy, I know.  For some reason, our bedroom is the last room in the house to get any attention.  So this winter, while we have no outdoor projects going on, we are working on our bedroom.  Of course the bedroom of my dreams would be complete with a sitting room and a fireplace and a massive walk-in closet and extra laundry room, but right now, all I want is a headboard:)

I have been researching different headboards so I can decide what I want.  I really battle my tastes and style sometimes, because I love so much of everything!  That’s why I am so glad “eclectic” is in, and nothing really has to match.  Thank goodness for that because I can’t really decide, so I have elements of everything all throughout my house!  I have a craftsman style home, which style I love first and foremost.  But when I pick things out, I find myself wanting a craftsman kitchen with white cabinets, and an industrial entry way with a steel entry table and a rustic bedroom with barnwood and pallets.  Help!

My husband is a masterful woodworker, so we really never look for things to buy, we look for things to make.  Here are some pretty amazing headboards I found, and now all I have to do is decide which style to go with.  We are going with gray sheets, and that is as far as I have gotten yet.  I haven’t picked out a duvet cover or a bedspread yet, so we really can go a lot of different directions.

Because of my style conflict, I thought it was funny when I ran across this headboard:

Rustic_Industrial headboard









It is made of corrugated tin cut into an elegant and stylish shape.  The wall behind it is a rustic wood paneling- perfect!  My husband would NEVER go for it. Ever.  But isn’t it creative?

Isn’t this cute for a kids room?  I think with modification, it could work for mine too.

little girl room headboard









It is a collage of frames and canvases and positive quotes.  I think it is adorable for a little girls room, but I like the adapted version that is in my head of frames, maybe fabric framed and a picture or 2 (black and white?) of my husband and I.  Think I might go this route.

What about this?

rustic doors headboard









Reclaimed wood doors are so fun to upcycle and repurpose.  I have seen them as backdrops in houses, decorations, shelves, tables and now headboards.  I love this.  It is perfect for a shabby chic look and adds a very fun element to a whimsical room.  Weathered doors are so useful.  I am adding this to my “How about this” list to give to my husband.


weathered shutter headboard









I have seen weathered shutter headboards a few places and I love them.  Sometimes it is hard to find shutters that are already done the way you like them.  You can actually get new shutters and just paint them and weather them yourself by sanding and distressing them.  There are a lot of painting techniques that you could use to accomplish this look.  I think these are great for a cottage, but they don’t really go with the theme of my house. I love them for someone else though!

Check this out!

pallet headboard






Lovin’ the pallet wood headboard.    Love the rustic element and it is cozy and warm.  I am not one for vinyl letters or monograms all over the place (like them, I just don’t decorate with them much) but the word on this head board really softens up the wood and gives a romantic and peaceful feel.  I think this is my favorite.  This would actually work with my envisioned color palette.

And last but not least- the oh-so-popular tufted headboard

tufted headboard








I have seen some that I really like, and some that I don’t.  I think the tufted headboard adds a softness to the room and is definitely a beautiful look.

Lots of fun ideas!  Now, I need to get my husband to get started on ours.  I will post pictures of it as soon as it is ready!

Easy and Cheap DIY Headboard Ideas

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