Affordable Cabinet Makeover Ideas

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I have probably mentioned that my husband used to work in a high-end custom cabinet shop when we were first married and finishing college.  We were off-the-charts poor, and he was very capable of getting a higher paying job.  We both decided that what he was learning while he was there was more valuable than the money.  We continued to eat hash browns and eggs for dinner for a year, and he continued to work at the cabinet shop.  When he had a good grasp on techniques, tools, finishes, products, etc.  He found a higher paying job, continued with his schooling (Mechanical Engineering) and he bought a few tools.  We were right.  That knowledge during the first year of our marriage has continually blessed us.  Fine woodworking, furniture building, cabinetry, etc- it is his most treasured hobby.  And mine, too 🙂

Recently, he decided that he would like bigger crown molding on our kitchen cabinets.  So, he extended the crown molding and it looks terrific. He built covers that go on top of the cabinets (they were open at the top- unfinished and drove us crazy!)  They look really great and the extended crown molding makes a big difference, at least to us.  There are a few really great ways you can update your cabinets for relatively cheap.  And who doesn’t want updated cabinets?  Here are a few ideas.Kitchen cabinets, kitchen cabinet makeover, easy cabinet makeover, simple kitchen updates, popular pin, kitchen model, DIY kitchen remodel, DIY home decor.

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2 comments for “Affordable Cabinet Makeover Ideas

  1. Elizabeth P.R.
    May 14, 2013 at

    Hi Melanie,

    Thank you for the cabinetry tricks and ideas. I have flamicha (don’t know if spelling is correct), cabinets that are worn out. How can I paint over or update that type of cabinetry? At this time, we don’t have the time or financial resources to update our small kitchen as we just finished laying down hardwood floors. Our cabinets look outdated (pressed wood) and cheap.

    Hope to hear from you.

  2. Sheila Becker
    August 19, 2013 at

    With glass doors you could even get some pretty material to put on the inside.

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