Unique Ideas for a Ceiling Makeover

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I have noticed lately, that when I am on Pinterest, looking at fancy home ideas, I am attracted to beautiful, unique rooms.  Most of which have these amazing ceilings!  I never really pegged myself for a “ceiling person” but… I guess I am!  Who knew?  That said, I cannot believe the pop that these amazing ceilings can give to a room.  There are so many beautiful ways that you can dress up your room and add class with a little ceiling makeover.  Depending on your skills and abilities, some of these may be things you contract out.  I figure that ANYTHING can be a “DIY” idea, for the right person.  My husband happens to be pretty dang handy, so most things I find on Houzz, or other sites, can become DIY projects for my home.  New on my list- a ceiling makeover.  What a lovely way to fancy up our bedroom!  Here are some really great ceiling makeover ideas that are {relatively} inexpensive and will give your room a pop.

Ceiling Makeover Ideas and Projects

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