DIY Porch Swing and Porch Bed Ideas

DIY Porch Swing and Porch Bed IdeasFew things sound more relaxing and therapeutic than lounging on a porch swing or bed on a crisp autumn day or a cool summer evening. If you have a porch but are missing a swing, it’s time to take action! With a little inspiration (and maybe some help from Home Depot), you can create your own space to escape–even if it’s only to your front porch! Here are some fun, unique ideas:

  • Take off the legs of an old chair, couch, or bench you already have and attach the back to a rope or chain. Wicker chairs are especially cute.
  • Use a cool-looking chain or rope to suspend the chair/bed. There are many different styles available.
  • Use a picket fence as a headboard or back rest
  • Use a loading pallet for the seat. You could refinish, stain, or paint the wood.
  • Make a porch swing from an old baby crib
  • This idea is really crazy but really cool: make a hanging bed out of a medium-sized trampoline. Cover it with cushioning and fabric and even add a canopy top
  • Another unique idea: create a porch bed out of an old sail boat and suspend it with rope meant for a boat.
  • Go hammock style! Simple and relaxing. Make an over-sized hammock to serve as a porch bed.

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