12 Creative DIY Halloween Costumes

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One of my favorite Halloween memories is when I was 7 and my brother was about 5.  My mom (of 5 kids) had an exceptionally busy Halloween season and really procrastinated the “costume planning”.  We all wore older costumes from years past (whichever one fit).  My poor brother really had nothing to wear.  So, with all the confidence in the world, she started concocting some sort of costume with a white sheet, some white paint and a leftover spider web.  He looks so sour in every single picture and is really put out by the “costume” choice.  I can still hear him explain to people that he was a “cloud” with his grumpy face and cute little boy lisp.  Mom fail.

So, now that it is October (already!) it is time to start concocting costume ideas. If your kids are tired of the typical witch, ghost, goblin, etc., here are some costume ideas that are sure to earn some “ooo’s and awe’s”—and maybe some extra candy!

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