How to Reupholster Run Down Furniture

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Got a chair, sofa, stool or ottoman that is looking run down? Before you resign yourself to the cost of purchasing a new one, consider reupholstering it. If the “bones” of the piece are in good condition, reupholstering can save you tons of money over buying new.

How to Reupholster Almost Anything!

Reupholstering is also a great option for thrift store furniture. Finding a great piece that just needs a little makeover is a fun project you can do yourself.

How to Reupholster Almost Anything!

A footstool is another easy reupholstering project. Choose a great fabric, and have a staple gun handy. If the padding is worn, you’ll want to have new padding ready to replace it with. See what a difference reupholstering can make?

Over at Design for Mankind, they show you how easy it is to reupholster a folding chair. I love the coral paint and black-and-white chevron design. Such an improvement!

Transform a boring, run down office chair into a conversation piece. Wouldn’t you love something like this in your office? I would!

Reupholster a headboard, and make it even better by creating a diamond tufted headboard. You’ll save lots of money over buying one!

DIY Tufted Headboard

You can spruce up your outdoor living space by reupholstering your worn out patio sling chairs.

How to Reupholster Almost Anything!


It’s even possible to reupholster a glider rocker. This is perfect for a nursery project. You can customize the chair to match your nursery design and make the chair more comfortable as well.

How to Reupholster Almost Anything!

Got an old papasan chair? If not, keep an eye out at your local thrift shop, because with this tutorial you can reupholster it and make it look fantastic.

How to Reupholster Almost Anything!

This list wouldn’t be complete without a tutorial for reupholstering a sofa. It’s definitely a bigger job, but not impossible. Over at The Chronicles of Home, you’ll discover some great tips and sources to help you accomplish it.






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