11 Fun Thanksgiving Crafts for Small Kids

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Thanksgiving is right around the corner, so today I have some fun Thanksgiving crafts for small kids. These are some great ways to help your littles have more fun with Thanksgiving. They’ll also learn more about what it is and why we celebrate gratitude. Take a look at these 11 ideas!


  1. Good Housekeeping shared this adorable idea. Let the littles be involved with Thanksgiving dinner prep by making turkey leg place cards. All they need to do is stuff brown paper bags with popcorn.

A spinning "pie" chart can help kids pinpoint what they're thankful for. Cut out a construction paper circle the same size as the inside of a paper plate. Attach with brass fastener, then remove a "slice" of pie. Write "I'm Thankful for…" along the top and ask them to add responses as they rotate the "slice" around the pie. Take it one step further with a simple "turkey leg" stuffed with candy, popcorn or other goodies. Tape a paper bag's opening shut and wrap frayed white paper around the end. Finish by adding the child's name. What you'll need: paper plates ($10, amazon.com), fasteners ($3, amazon.com)

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