Your Guide to Decorating With Organic Material

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Do you enjoy using organic materials {natural elements such as stone and wood} in your home decorating? Here at Sunlit Spaces, we do too! So today’s post is all about that. Here is your guide to decorating with organic materials.


natural home elements stone kitchen

  • First, take an assessment of what you like. One homeowner may love the look of natural stone, while another may really like the look of dark woods for doors and trim. Look around {a home show is a great place to start} and take notice of what really appeals to you. Choose things that resonate and make you feel peaceful in your own space.
  • Bringing wood into your interior spaces is one of the best ways to decorate with organic materials. The possibilities are wide ranging, as you can use wood for floors, trim, cabinets, and counters, just to name a few.
  • For wood flooring, know your own personal style. For example, I like a laid-back, lived in feel, so my wood floors are circular sawn planks with a natural {unstained, polyurethane} finish. If you are more formal, consider wood flooring with a dark stain and high-shine finish. No one can tell you you’re wrong–it’s all a matter of what speaks to you!
  • It is possible to bring nature into every room of your home. You can accomplish this by using organic materials {bamboo sheets and towels for example} and elements from nature in every room.
  • It used to be that most floral and greenery choices in our homes were artificial. Not anymore! Low-maintenance plants such as succulents and indoor bulbs make it easy.
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