Make an A/C Unit for Only $15

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Whether you’re a survival, preparedness or camping enthusiast, or if you just want a cheap way to stay cool next summer, you need to read today’s post. You really can make an a/c unit {that works!} for only $15!

As you can see from the picture, you will need some pretty simple supplies for this project. You can find them all at you local home store, or online at Hardware World.

  • one 5-gallon bucket
  • a Styrofoam bucket for the liner
  • PVC pipe, cut into three equal 1.5″ sections
  • a drill
  • a small table fan

This a/c unit is incredibly easy to make! Just get your drill and attach a 2″ hole saw to it. Drill three holes in the side of your 5-gallon bucket approximately 2″ apart, in the bottom two-thirds section of the bucket.

Place the Styrofoam liner inside the bucket, and clamp it in place. Now drill matching holes in the liner as you just drilled into the bucket.

Fit your pieces of PVC pipe into the holes you drilled. They should extend from inside the liner to outside the bucket, and they should fit snugly into place.

Measure the diameter of your table fan, at its widest point. Cut a hole to match in the center of the lid for the 5-gallon bucket.

Fill the Styrofoam liner with ice. Another option is to fill an empty gallon milk jug with water and freeze it. Place the frozen milk jug inside the liner.

Place the lid and table fan on top of the bucket, and turn the fan on. Air is pulled through the fan, into the bucket and liner, and is cooled by the ice as it blows through the bucket and out of the three PVC pipes.

Users say that with one bucket of ice, you will get 4-5 hours of cooling time. The air that blows from the bucket is under 45 degrees and will definitely keep you cool!

For more information, click this link:

The Good Survivalist how-to video

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