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15 Unique Window Treatment Ideas

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  When we moved into our new home, we splurged and got plantation shutters all throughout the house.  This is one of my favorite features of the home.  I love them!  But now, I am ready to dress them up…

How to Paint a Leather Chair

How to Rehab a Leather Chair

WHAT!  You can paint a leather chair?  I wish I had known this about a year ago!  You can breathe new life into an old, and not-so-appealing leather chair with a little bit of paint.  Here is how!

8 Inexpensive Ways to Add Value to Your Home

8 Inexpensive Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Sometimes I want to make a change to a room, but my budget doesn’t allow for any major renovations.  So, I have to get creative and figure out how to make upgrades without breaking the bank:)  Here are 8 inexpensive…

10 Crafty Organizers that Everyone Can Afford

10 Crafty Organizers that Everyone Can Afford

  Ever since I put the playroom together for the kiddies (Christmas) I have been obsessed with finding new organizing and storage ideas.  I spent $PLENTY.00 of money on the decor, the boxes, the bench seat, and hello- the Christmas…

How to Cozy up Your Front Porch

How to Cozy Up Your Front Porch

One of my favorite style homes comes complete with a wraparound porch.  They are charming and lovely and I wish I had one.  But.  I do still have a porch and I plan to do the most I can with…