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Master Bedroom Design

I normally would call this a remodel or redecorate, but we really never “modeled” or decorated it to begin with.  It seems like our bedroom is the last room in the house to get any attention.  We focus most of…

Creative Tabletop Decor Ideas

11 Awesome Ways to Decorate Your Tabletops

Sometimes I struggle to decorate end tables or even my kitchen table without the use of a vase, flowers or a clock:)  So, it’s time for me to think outside the box and find something unique to use as a…

Unique Wall Decor Ideas

{Outside the Box} Wall Decor Projects

Sometimes I get tired of the traditional wall hanging ideas and I go looking for something unique. Well, I am here to report that I have found some.  Aaaand *drumroll please* Here they are:

Superb Ways to Decorate Your Hallway Space

Superb Ways to Decorate Your Hallway Space

I love wide hallways and I think you can do really neat things with hallway space, if you just know what to do. Decorations, furniture, and so many other things can make your hallway space look awesome and inviting. Here…

10 Ways to Make Your Staircase Less Boring

10 Ways to Make Your Staircase Less Boring

I am usually a “less is more” kind of decorator, but staircases can be sooo boring!  So, I am looking for a cute way to dress up my staircase or make it a bit more interesting.  Check out these great…