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5 Ways to Transform Your House with Paint

Ok, I have said it probably no less than a million times, but I love paint.  It is so inexpensive, and makes such a big difference in your home.  I have chosen paint as a medium to transform previous homes…

Life-Changing Bathroom Organization Ideas

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My bathroom is a mess, plain and simple. Toothpaste (lid not fitting tight and a little crusty), toothbrushes, flossers (possibly one that is used-don’t judge.), comb, a few rubber bands, fingernail clippers, hair products, etc.  ALL THROWN INTO 3 DRAWERS…

17 Kitchen Accent Ideas

17 Kitchen Accent Ideas

Since moving in to my new house, most of our *fun*ds have been going to big things, like cement RV pads, new couches, a kitchen table that doesn’t look like doll furniture, and a front yard.  I am finally ready…

DIY Kitchen Countertop Ideas

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Once upon a time, in what seems like another life ago, my husband used his woodworking skills to support our family through college.  He built cabinets for our landlord’s rental properties, and he had a butcher block business.  One of…

10 Easy Projects that Will Boost Resale Value

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For those who are moving, and even those who aren’t but want to boost their home value, there are a few DIY projects that will help immensely with increasing your home value.  A few of these really surprised me!