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12 Super Cheap Ways to Update Your Kitchen

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All this talk about kitchen cabinets makes me want to paint mine!  And they aren’t even old, yet.  For those of you that want to update your kitchen, but don’t have the huge HGTV style budget to do a full-on…

Unique DIY Flooring Ideas

Unique DIY Flooring Ideas

  Now that it is summer, and the kids are tracking in dust all. day. long. I want to talk flooring ideas.  I keep thinking that when we plant a money tree, and it grows, we will replace this nasty…

How to Paint a Leather Chair

How to Rehab a Leather Chair

WHAT!  You can paint a leather chair?  I wish I had known this about a year ago!  You can breathe new life into an old, and not-so-appealing leather chair with a little bit of paint.  Here is how!