How To Paint an Upholstered Chair

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1. Choose the color/paint method

There are a lot of different fabric paints out there. You can use a spray on fabric paint or a brush on paint. The brush on paint is easy to use. There are some projects that may be easier to complete with one, rather than the other. Upholstered furniture is easily painted with a brush on fabric paint.


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2 comments for “How To Paint an Upholstered Chair

  1. Leeann Ledford
    February 27, 2013 at

    This is fantastic! Where is the best place to buy the SoSoft paint and about how much did that blue chair use? I have an antique upholstered chair that is done in the tacky 1970’s gold/orange/green/brown; however the chair itself is gorgeous. The material is done in patchwork squares which are 3″x3″ and is very dark and bold, and the texture is not smooth. I wonder if… 1) Could I cover up those dark colors completely with fabric paint? and 2) How would the paint soak in evenly because of the texture of the fabric? Any advice? Also, what color was your chair before you painted it?

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