The Easiest Way to Frame Fabric







The Easiest Way to Frame Fabric

I wanted to use fabric as mats for my frames, but I wanted to make sure the fabric was straight and tight.  So, here is what you need:


Masonite (white if you can)

Spray adhesive


I used custom frames, made by my carpenter husband, (you could use unfinished frames from a craft store, or restored frames that you paint, or any frame you choose.)  I found some Masonite in the “oops” section of Home Depot.  It had a big crack in it, but we only needed a little bit, so we bought that piece, and used only the good side.  I would recommend checking that section. That piece of Masonite was normally 16$ and was discounted to 2$. Much better!  You don’t need to use Masonite, but it is a good option because it is nice and flat and straight.  You can check home improvement stores for any thin type of wood.  If your fabric is light, be sure and get one that has a white veneer or coating on it, so that it doesn’t make the fabric look dark behind it.  Another option would be to paint it a light color, but that adds a whole other step.  We cut it into rectangles to fit the frames, using a table saw.  However, if you don’t have a saw to cut things, Home Depot gives you the first 10 cuts free.  If you go in with your measurements, you can have them cut the boards for you.  I love this option!

Once we had cut the mats, I cut the fabric about 2 inches bigger on each side, so that I can wrap it around the edges.  .

Lay your fabric out, face down on a hard surface.  Before you use the spray adhesive, mark with a fabric pen where you want the mat to go, so that the pattern is centered.

Spray the white side of the Masonite as directed by the spray adhesive product you are using (I would use a medium level of “sticky”- so that you can rearrange it if you need to after you have attached it.  Some patterns are fine, and some make it harder to get them straight.)  Wait for a few minutes and lay your Masonite  sticky side down, on top of your fabric.  Fold the pieces over, and spray the back side, gluing the fabric to the back side as well.  If they don’t stick, you can trim them off, because the fabric is attached to the mat and you won’t see the back of the frame.  Turn it over and rub the fabric in a downward motion.  I just used my hands to get all the bubbles out, but I know you can use a squeegee type of tool to rub it out as well.









I decided I wanted to clip in the pictures, instead of put glass over them.  I bought some clips at Office Depot and my husband screwed them into the Masonite, after the fabric was on and ready to go.  Here is the finished product.