Custom Color Chalkboard Paint

Custom Color Chalkboard Paint


There are so many great uses for chalkboard paint and it is all the rage right now.  Even more fun, you can create your own and it doesn’t have to be black!  You can make custom-color chalkboard paint!  No more boring black or green (I did boring black- don’t judge, it went with the room:).  The process is really very easy.  Here is the recipe:

1. Choose your color (any color latex paint with a “flat” sheen)

2. Mix 1 cup paint with 2 tablespoons of tile grout (unsanded)

3. Stir until smooth

4. Apply the paint with a roller.  Be sure to use a generous amount, or do 2 coats if you need to, so as to get good coverage.

5. Condition your chalkboard by rubbing the side of a piece of chalk all over your chalkboard and then rubbing it off with a dry towel.  Now it is ready to use!


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  1. Karen Sorey
    June 2, 2013 at

    I painted two of my kitchen cabinets with black chalkboard paint, one upper for me..I had a brain injury resulting in permanent short term memory loss and this is where my family and I write notes to help me to remember important things and one lower for our grandchildren to use for drawing, words, etc. I hate the black color on my white cabinets…it is just to stark, so I will definitely use this idea for a more pleasing look! Thank you!!!

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