9 Container Alternatives for Potted Plants

You can grow plants in almost ANYTHING, which means it’s time to get rid of those boring plastic planters. From growing small to large plants, indoors and out, here are some fabulously fun ideas for potted plants:

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Mini terra cotta pots (painted or plain) mounted on a picket fence- fun idea!Unique Potted Plants

Colorful garden boots—I think the small kids’ boots are especially cute!Unique Potted Plants


Painted old tires (fill the middle with soil)—I like the idea of a tiered displayUnique Potted Plants

Fun, colorful colanders (the kind that can stand on their own)—perfect because they have a built-in drainage system!Unique Potted Plants


Okay, this next idea is so awesome: an old chandelier (you might paint it) with vine plants growing and dangling from where the lights would be.Unique Potted Plants


Use spray adhesive to cover plastic planters with cute fabric.Unique Potted Plants


An old desk—paint and fill the drawers with soil. Pull the drawers out different amounts (like terraces) so there’s room to grow.Unique Potted Plants


Set cement blocks on their side so the holes face up—fill with soil and plant! Easy to do a tiered display with these too.

Unique Potted Plants


And my very personal favorite, this wheel barrow turned container garden.  I love it.  I wish I could find the original link, but all I have is this Pinterest link that leads to a site with no citation.  This is done so tastefully.

Container Gardening- Wheelbarrow

There are so many cute things you can do with potted plants.  As with most ideas, you have to do each of these examples tastefully to be able to pull it off.  Also, you wouldn’t want to do them all, or it could look like a Dr. Seuss garden:)  Choose your favorite ideas and have fun creating a unique container garden.