7 Fun Halloween Party Activities

Halloween, Halloween decor, fall, Halloween recipes, popular pin, Halloween party activities, spooky treatsPlanning a Halloween party this season? Take a look at these awesome party ideas that are sure to spook and delight kids and adults alike!

  1. Visit “Frankenstein’s lab,” a dark room where guests have to identify various body parts by reaching into bowls. Peeled grapes=eyeballs, cooked spaghetti noodles=brains, sliced almonds=fingernails, ketchup thinned with water=blood, corn silk=hair, dog bone=bone, dried apricots=ears.
  2. Learn the “Thriller” dance!
  3. Have everyone show off their costume down a “runway” and give prizes for the best costume, funniest costume, weirdest costume, etc.
  4. Break up into teams and have a pumpkin carving contest—you might want to use small pumpkins so it doesn’t take too long.
  5. Do a murder mystery (you can order scripts online) or play the game Clue.
  6. Divide up in teams and give each group a few rolls of toilet paper. Each group chooses one person to be the mummy, and the rest of the group wraps them in toilet paper. Could be a race or a contest to see who makes the best mummy.
  7. No Halloween party would be complete without scary storytelling! On a bunch (at least one per guest) of index cards, write a phrase that could start a scary story like “On a dark, stormy night” or “The coffin creaked” or “There was a cackle of evil laughter.” Put all the cards in a stack and gather your guests into a circle—don’t forget to dim the lights! The first person picks an index card, reads the phrase, and begins storytelling for one minute. Then it’s the next person’s turn to pick a card and continue the story.