Master Bedroom Reveal

Before and AfterEeek!  I have a bedroom that I don’t hate anymore!  I am LOVING the changes we made so far.  We are still in the process of decorating it, and it is still a little bare, but the paint alone made SUCH a huge difference.   Check this out!

Ok, so we used Glidden Paint’s Sanctuary Blue (in Eggshell) for the walls, and we painted the doors and trim/baseboard white (we used semi-gloss) and the ceiling a flat white.  As you can see before, we didn’t have white ceilings and I really can’t emphasize what a huge difference it makes in the room.  There is more light, (so bright) and it’s now a happy place to be.  I have also been told to ALWAYS use flat paint on the ceiling, so we did.  It looks really great and we don’t get any reflecting or lights that bounce.  I think I am as excited about the white ceiling as I am about the new walls:)

I decided to go with Glidden’s Sanctuary Blue because I thought it was the most peaceful.  I was picturing a grey, with blue highlights, but I think it is more of a blue with grey tones.  And it is totally appropriately named!  It is a very “sanctuary” color.  Before and After 2


The process was messy.  DANG messy.  But only for a couple of days, and it was all so worth it!  My husband is very good with the spray gun, so instead of rolling the paint, we taped, and prepped (and prepped and prepped) and sprayed the walls.  I always recommend using a spray gun, as (in my opinion) the finish is flawless.  It is also faster.  Granted, the prep time is more, but we found some canvas sheets to lay over our furniture and they worked out really well.  I would rather spend the time prepping and less time spraying, but that’s just me.DSC_0010

I found a lot of the decor accents at World Market.  I have been eyeballing this accent chair for sometime now, so when they did a “Friends and Family” 25% off discount, I went a little nuts.  The light fixture is from there as well.  It is not a chandelier that I would normally look twice at, but it was the finishing touch, and I thought the color and style was a perfect fit.DSC_0115DSC_0077DSC_0109 DSC_0092 DSC_0089 DSC_0097

Anyway, there is more to come with decor, and window treatments, etc., but I wanted to show off what a difference paint can make!

*I have been sponsored by the Glidden brand paint for PPG to write this post but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

4 comments for “Master Bedroom Reveal

  1. Ellie LaJuett
    October 31, 2014 at

    Beautiful, love the color scheme!

  2. Carrie
    December 6, 2014 at

    I love what you did to the bedroom but I’m wondering why you put the bed on that wall?

    • Melanie
      January 11, 2015 at

      That’s so funny that you ask because my husband insists it goes on the other wall, too. Here’s my problem with it- The headboard (and any King-sized headboard) will almost entirely block the 2 really great windows we have in that room. That would leave me with only artificial light in our room and I can’t bear to do that. I love natural light. I wish so much it fit in between the windows and it would be a no-brainer!

  3. chandra
    May 29, 2018 at

    i know it’s been a few years… I am hoping this will get to you…. I really like your bed! I want drawers, but only want four posts… had a family member who had bed bugs and learned all about how they get up into your bed… 4 posts only – no bed skirts… your bed frame looks like the perfect solution!

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