18 Illuminating DIY Candle Holders

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1. See how easy it is to make some lovely candle holders out of lace doilies. Wonderful DIY shows you how.

gorgeous doiley candle holder Decorative Doily Candle Holders Handmade in Minutes

2. For a rustic candle holder, this stenciled burlap idea is perfect.

Iron Craft Challenge #22 - Stenciled Burlap Candleholders

3. I love this idea! Get some brass candlesticks and dip them in paint. These colors are gorgeous, but you could choose any colors you happen to like.

Paint Dipped Candlesticks | Inspired by Charm #31daysofhome

4. “Frost” a glass candle holder with Epsom salts and Mod Podge.

DIY Frosted Candle Holder

5. Another beautifully rustic idea is to simply wrap pillar candles in cinnamon sticks and twine.

6. For an awesome centerpiece like this one, start with glass candle holders that you have wrapped in sisal.

diy candle holder

7. One of my favorite ideas is to hollow out some small birch logs to hold tea lights. Here’s an easy tutorial.

DIY – How to Make a Set of Tree Stump Candle Holders for the Holidays via Cozy•Stylish•Chic

8. Got some old photo negatives lying around? They are perfect for covering candle holders, since the light will illuminate the negatives and provide some fun memories and spur conversation.

9. Take the log candle holders one step further, and dip them in metallic gold paint.

g3 gold dipped log candleholders2rs

10. No one will know this was a dollar store idea. Get glass beads , and using hot glue, cover a glass candle holder. So pretty!

dollar store crafts that are easy

11. Here’s a tutorial for DIY Aluminum lanterns & candle holders. Don’t they cast such pretty shadows?

DIY lanterns made from radiator perforated metal sheets

12. These gorgeous orbs are made with paraffin wax and water balloons! See Candle Tech for the easy how-to.


13. Do you love stained glass? Then you should definitely try these “stained glass” votive holders. All you need is colored tissue paper, a punch to make your desired shapes, and the magic of Mod Podge to adhere them to a glass candle holder. Beautiful!

14. Bring the beautiful elements of nature inside with these DIY natural votive holders.

15. Design Mom teaches you how to dip faux flowers in plaster to make these unique plaster-dipped flower votive holders. Amazing!

DIY: Gorgeous Plaster Dipped Flower Votives | Design Mom

16. How cute and colorful are these? The Anthropologie-inspired confetti design is painted on and sealed afterwards.

17. Looking for a feminine, glamorous look? Pink and gold pair perfectly to help you achieve it.

DIY Pink Candles and Glitter Candle Holders - BirdsParty.com


18. These pillar candle holders are Williams-Sonoma Home knock-offs created with dollar store materials! See the easy tutorial at Momtastic.

elegent dollar store candle holder

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