How to Save TONS of Money at Hobby Lobby



Don’t you just love Hobby Lobby and a few save money tips? If you love it as much as I do, you’re definitely bordering on too much…as in spending too much money there. But not anymore! Let’s solve that issue today by showing you how to save TONS of money when shopping for crafts. All you need to know are some handy money-saving hacks. Here we go!


How to Save Money at Hobby Lobby - Here are 12 ways to save money the next time you are shopping at Hobby Lobby. Here are money saving tips you need to know

Use these save money tips when shopping at your favorite craft store:

  • Know when the sales are! Simply by keeping an eye on the sales cycles {true for any store} you can save big.
  • Shop one season ahead. For example, on December 26th, pay cents on the dollar for leftover holiday stuff and then just save it until next year.
  • Get your name on the Hobby Lobby email list. They’ll automatically email you coupons and extra savings.
  • Every time you shop, you’ll get a 40% off coupon for the next time. Guard these like cash!
  • Instead of ordering online and paying shipping costs, go to your local store and order out-of-stock items there. You’ll pick it up in-store but you’ll save the shipping costs.
  • You can’t use competitor’s coupons at Hobby Lobby, but you can take other stores’ ads and Hobby Lobby will match their prices.
  • Always walk through the entire store and check out the endcaps where all the clearance items are. You never know what kind of amazing deals you’ll find!
  • Save your receipts for two weeks. If an item you bought goes on sale within that two week window, Hobby Lobby will adjust your price and give you the extra money back.
  • If you are not opposed to using credit cards and you shop at Hobby Lobby enough to justify it, get a Hobby Lobby Visa card. You get an automatic 5% back on all  purchases!



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