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8 Creative DIY Custom Mat Ideas

I have seen anything and everything under the sun being used behind a picture or in a frame, and I am loving it.  Doesn’t it make you wonder why the heck we didn’t think of this sooner?  I think it…

Garden Room Redesign

3 years ago, my daughter and husband were out of town for a week visiting family and I decided to surprise them both with a much needed room makeover for my little girl.  I had 4 days to do it,…

3 Things to Look For in Window Treatments

In our new home, one of my splurges was to order shutters.  This is not one of those “DIY on a budget” things- they are expensive.  However, I want to live here a long time, and I thought it was…

Creative DIY Backsplash Ideas

Gorgeous Backsplash Design Ideas

Backsplashes do not have to be expensive to be beautiful.  There are a lot of options when it comes to a backsplash and you can Do It Yourself to cut down on cost.