How to Save on Groceries {Without Coupons!}


Clipping coupons can be a bit of a hassle. I know that I set them aside with the intention of clipping them, but I don’t always get to it. What if there were some ways you could save on groceries–without coupons? Well, experts actually agree that there are better ways cut grocery costs than with coupons. Get ready to save some money!

Interior of a grocery store.

  • Experts advise knowing what 10 to 15 items your family uses most, so you can watch sales and stock up whenever there’s a great price.
  • Save money on produce by buying what’s in season. For example, strawberries are least expensive in the early spring, and watermelon is cheaper in the summer. Citrus deals are easy to come by during the winter.
  • Many canned goods hit their lowest prices during the winter when a lot of stores have case lot sales. That’s a great time to stock up on what your family eats most!
  • Buy steaks in early February, when stores have sales on the items needed for a romantic dinner at home.
  • Track your store’s weekly ad and plan your menus around what is on sale.
  • This seems dumb, but use what you buy. Before you go to the store or plan upcoming meals, check the pantry for what you already have, and use it. Food waste accounts for a lot of lost dollars!
  • Be familiar with the time of day when your store does markdowns. For example, my store sells the donuts left at the end of the day at a much lower price than they were in the morning. {And my kids think they still taste good!}. The same can be true of meats and produce.
  • Store brands can easily give you more bang for your buck, and taste pretty much the same.
  • Check out Amazon for ways to save on auto-shipped necessities,

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