4 Festive Fourth of July Party Ideas

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Before your next Fourth of July celebration rolls around, check out the following 4 festive ideas for a Fourth of July party to remember.


  • Use a galvanized bucket and red, white & blue lollipops to make a Fourth of July centerpiece that’s adorable and simple. Set a piece of floral foam inside a small galvanized bucket and then stick a whole “bouquet” of Tootsie Roll pops in red, white and blue wrappers into the foam.
  • Cut a large star stencil out of cardboard. Lay it on the grass and use red, white and blue construction marking spray paint to paint festive stars on the lawn. Your guests will love it!
  • Paint mason jars in patriotic patterns of red, white and blue {chalk paint is a good option}. Use them to hold plasticware for your Fourth of July barbecue.
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