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Creative Garage Organization Ideas

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Creative Garage OrganizationLooking to tackle the daunting task of organizing your garage? Have no fear! Here are some fun and helpful tips to get your garage looking spic and span:

  • -First, decide what you do and don’t want to keep. One organization specialist suggested only keeping those items you have used within the last 3 years.
  • -Put everything you want to keep in clear bins and label them with an erasable pen in case you want to change it later.
  • -Put similar boxed items together (sporting equipment, camping gear, tools, etc.)
  • -Use wire shelving with wheels on bottom for easy moving.
  • -Use cabinets to hide boxes for a cleaner, more organized look or use curtains for even easier concealing!
  • -Store poisonous items in locked cabinets.
  • -Use heavy-duty hooks for storing bikes, ladders, and other heavy items on the wall or ceiling.
  • -Slatted walls allow you to mount cabinets, bins and hooks easily. You won’t have to make holes in your drywall and you can move storage items around the room.
  • -Use pegboard for storing tools.
  • -Store seasonal items on higher shelves because you don’t use them as often as other items.
  • -Install adjustable shelves to accommodate different-sized items.
  • -Paint squares on the wall to designate the spot for certain items. Mount small buckets and bins sideways to store items that are difficult to store on hooks. Use a -sideways-mounted round bucket to store a hose and put the heads inside.
  • -Use old trash cans or buckets to store messy items like animal food, sand, and salt.
  • -Use metal spice containers with clear lids to store small items like screws, bolts, and nails. Mount the containers on a slat of magnet when not in use.
  • -Create holes in a wooden wall mount large enough to hold small buckets. Use the buckets to store scissors, seed packets, or other small items.
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