Reflecting on My Love of Wall Mirror Decor

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Today is all about reflecting on my love of wall mirror decor. I love using mirrors in my home décor. There are a lot of great reasons to use as many mirrors as you can {and in every room!}. One of the best reasons to use wall mirrors is to make a small space feel much bigger. Another great reason to use wall mirror decor is because of the extra light mirrors reflect, and that automatically makes a room feel brighter. I am sure you have a room or two that could be a little brighter. Got ya thinking, right? While you are busy with that, read on.  I’m going to show you some of my favorite wall mirrors, as well as some places you can buy one for yourself.


For a simple but contemporary look, you can’t beat Wayfair’s oversized mirror edged in black rubber. Love how the placement reflects the light from the French doors across from it, as well as the chandelier at night.

Hub Wall Mirror

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