DIY Wall Art Projects

Artwork can be really expensive, but it can add so much style and fun to a room. If you’re looking for a focus piece for a room or just want to cover a blank spot on the wall, make your own work of art to put on display!  Here are some fun ideas!

11 DIY Wall Art Projects


Use tape to make geometric designs on a canvas or other surface. You can either use the tape as the actual decoration (any color will do), or you can put tape on a canvas, paint the canvas, and then remove the tape to get your straight lines!


Polka Dots

Use a large circle hole-puncher on different but coordinating kinds of scrap book paper. Cut out as many as you want and arrange them in a grid fashion or another shape or design. You can never go wrong with polka dots!



Cut out fabric pieces to make a design on canvas. Usually each piece of fabric will be the same shape (or very similar), but do whatever you feel will look great and brighten up your walls! I love the look of different fabrics coming together to make one picture.



This is a popular project right now, but I still have yet to try it! I love the rainbow-ness of it—this would be really fun in a kid’s room. In fact, kids LOVE this project because it not only has fun and bright colors, but it’s simple and easy for them to do!DIY WALL ART

String Art

Using a pencil, lightly draw an image on to a piece of painted plywood, and then place nails randomly throughout the design. Tie a piece of string (not cut from the spool) to one nail and start connecting the dots (nails) with the string.


Transfer a photo to canvas or a block of wood

I recently embroidered for the first time, and I’m in love with it. It’s super easy to do and looks so homey and adorable. Embroider words or images and frame your work.DIY WALL ART

Plant silhouette art

Paint a canvas a color you like. Find a branch with leaves and flatten it in a book. Place the branch on the canvas and spray paint over the entire thing with a metallic color. Remove the plant and its image will be there!


Handmade Collection

A simple yet fun idea is to simply make your own art, and then just hang it up on the walls! You don’t have to worry about following a pattern or fitting a certain style; simply make your own masterpieces however you want!art

Book Art

If you have a library, study, or a room you just want to make look intellectual, then this is the idea for you! Take some books and make the pages look rustic and used. Then, when you’re done “antiquing” the books, simply attack them to your wall in whatever order and style you want!art3


While you probably don’t have hordes of famous people visiting your home, if you love to have guests over then try this wall art idea. Buy a blank canvas, lightly decorate it (if you want), and then invite all your friends and guests to sign it whenever they come over for the first time. After a while you’ll have a living piece of art that reflects back on all your friends and visitors!art4

Paint Swatches

This is such a creative and simple idea! All you have to do is collect paint swatches in colors that you like, stock them up, and then when you have enough just put them in a picture frame and hang your beauty up! It’s fun and easy with little to no cost to you!art2