6 Creative DIY Backsplash Ideas

DIY Backsplash IdeasBacksplashes do not have to be expensive to be beautiful.  There are a lot of options when it comes to a backsplash and you can Do It Yourself to cut down on cost.


Beadboard Panels can be used as a backsplash and it looks great.  Beadboard is very easy to install and gives a kitchen a very warm and cozy feel.  This look usually goes in a kitchen that is decorated in a country style.  You can paint beadboard any color you want, it doesn’t have to be the traditional white, although white does look really great as a kitchen backsplash.

Subway Tile

This is a very traditional and classic backsplash.  I love it because it goes with everything!  Subway tiles are cheap and you can install them very easily.

This isn’t subway tile but it is a slate tile in a subway style.

Peel and Stick Tile

Glass tile backsplashes have been my favorite for years.  It was not that long ago (a few years) that I realized- that you do not place them one by one. Ha!  I always thought, “wow, that sure looks like a lot of work.  Look how precise they are!”  Turns out, you have an entire brick of them that you place, like you would a sticker.  How easy is that?  I would have done this, had I known how easy and cheap it was.

Board and Batten Look

You can accomplish this look by just doing wood rails down from your cabinets to your counter top and caulking and painting.  This is a good “faux” board and batten look and will add style to your kitchen without a long commitment or big construction project.

DIY Brick

Brick is NOT hard to install.  It is very easy and looks amazing.  I have a slate backsplash with mortar and I think it looks terrific. Same idea.


This is for the non-committal and those that don’t want a big project (although, some of the above options aren’t that hard.)  This can be taken down anytime, and you can choose your pattern.  They sell really amazing tile wallpaper and brick wallpaper and you could have a lot of fun picking a pattern and doing a wallpaper backsplash.  In fact, I want someone to try it and send me pictures:)

*Also, is backsplash one word or two?  I googled it, and it seems there is some controversy.  I vote one.

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    Love this kitchen-and your site- Provided lots of good info! I am lokonig for something that looks like Calacutta Gold Marble, but without the maintenance. Can you make any suggestions?Thanks!