Keep Windows Spotless for MONTHS

I used to clean windows, inside and out, with regular Windex. But what drives me crazy is that as soon as the sprinklers come on, the splatters from that {or from a rainstorm} dirty the windows quick as a whistle. Just recently, I discovered a much better way to clean the outside of the windows. Use this product instead of Windex, and you will have clean windows without streaks for months. Are you curious yet? Keep reading!

You may have already used Rain-X 2-in-1 Glass Cleaner + Rain Repellant on your car’s windshield, but have you ever thought to use it for cleaning the outside of your home’s windows? I hadn’t either, but it makes complete sense that it would help repel water spots and keep the windows clean longer, just as it does for your car’s windshield!

There’s no special way to use the Rain-X. All you need is a microfiber cloth to apply it. You can purchase Rain-X and microfiber cloths from Amazon.

Spray the Rain-X over the window. To clean windows without streaks, use wide side-to-side motions to wipe the microfiber cloth over the window from top to bottom. Flip the cloth as you go to keep a clean and dry side moving over the window. That’s it!

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