10 Unique Ways to Decorate Your Kitchen Cabinets

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Attention homemakers: it’s time to get rid of the vines above your cabinets and replace them with something more unique, dynamic, and exciting. Here are some ideas for what to put above your cabinets and how to decorate your cabinet…

7 Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Huge

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It’s hard to concentrate on preparing a decent meal when your kitchen is cramped and cluttered. Here are five ideas inspired by the DIY network that will help you open up your kitchen and make it a more pleasant working space.

11 Perfected Tongue and Groove Projects

11 Perfected Tongue and Groove Projects

Tongue and groove panels make for a classic, cottage-esque look. They can help break up the monotony of plain walls and add texture to a room. You can buy tongue and groove panels from a hardware store or make them…

10 Awesome Gardens for Really Small Spaces

10 Awesome Gardens for Really Small Spaces

Many of us don’t have the luxury of land to plant a large garden. But don’t be dismayed if that’s the case for you! There are many ways to reap rewards from the harvest season, even in small spaces. Here…

20 Creative DIY Camping Ideas

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Camping is one of my favorite parts about summer, but I will admit, it can sometimes be stressful, especially with small children or large groups. Here are some ideas to help your next camping trip run smoother (and taste more…