10 GENIUS Ways to Use WD-40 in the Home

Does every home have a can of WD-40 in the garage for lubricating tools and automotive parts? You should really bring that can of WD-40 into the house, because it’s great for a lot of other household uses. I will show you 10 genius ways to use WD-40 in the home. Get ready, because you’re about to learn something new!

Here are those 10 genius uses for WD-40 around the home. Always apply caution when using WD-40 for any job, because it’s made from petroleum and is highly flammable. 

  1. WD-40 will not only lubricate your tools, it will also clean them and remove rust. It also cleans your golf clubs!
  2. Use WD-40 to remove unwanted decals from bicycles.
  3. Got an old rusty padlock that won’t open? Apply some WD-40, wait a little while, and try again.
  4. Squeaky hinges inside the house are no match for a squirt of WD-40.
  5. You will really extend the life of your shower head by applying some WD-40 to all the working parts. That’s because water tends to break them down, and WD-40 provides protection.
  6. The next time one of the kids colors with crayon on your walls, use WD-40 to remove it. Just spray a little onto the crayon and then wipe it away with an old rag. It won’t remove the paint!
  7. If you’ve got old cellophane tape or a sticker on a glass window, WD-40 will remove the gummy residue.
  8. WD-40 loosens and removes the yuck from dead bugs off your car’s front grille and bumper.
  9. Use a little bit of WD-40 to help you untangle a hopelessly tangled necklace chain.
  10. Got a stuck zipper? A tiny squirt of WD-40 should be enough to lubricate the teeth and free it up.

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