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DIY Wall Art Projects

11 DIY Wall Art Projects

Artwork can be really expensive, but it can add so much style and fun to a room. If you’re looking for a focus piece for a room or just want to cover a blank spot on the wall, make your…

Awesome Sharpie Marker Crafts

12 of the Coolest Sharpie Projects Ever!

Sharpie markers are like the vegetables of the craft world—absolutely essential (or is that chocolate?). At any rate, Sharpies can be used for many awesome craft projects. Here are just a few:

22 Special Christmas Eve Tradition Ideas

22 Special Christmas Eve Tradition Ideas

Between holiday stuff and sicknesses, I haven’t had my head in the “blogging” game, but I couldn’t resist sharing a few things for the holidays. Carl and I have been talking a lot about traditions (we came from different worlds…

Holiday Bucket List

I almost start panicking when Christmas approaches because there is is just SO much I want to do with the family and I am afraid I won’t get to it all.  So.  I made a Christmas/Holiday “Bucket List” so I…

Master Bedroom Reveal

Eeek!  I have a bedroom that I don’t hate anymore!  I am LOVING the changes we made so far.  We are still in the process of decorating it, and it is still a little bare, but the paint alone made…