DIY Wall Art

Artwork can be really expensive, but it can add so much style and fun to a room. If you’re looking for a focus piece for a room or just want to cover a blank spot on the wall, make your own work of art to put on display!  Here are some fun ideas:

Use tape to make geometric designs on a canvas or other surface.

7 Fabulous Valentine’s Day Food

It’s a tradition at my house to have some friends over on Valentine’s Day. I know most people go out to romantic dinners but sometimes going out is just too much hassle. Finding a babysitter, making reservations, getting dressed up, going out…Sometimes, I’d just rather stay home! Snacks are pivotal to our parties so here are some staples that are great for parties or even gifts!!

Twinkie Hearts: It’s not really hard and I’m not the biggest fan of Twinkies but my kids love them. They don’t get them on a regular basis so I figure that Valentine’s Day is a great time for them.




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