Master Bedroom Reveal

October 31st, 2014

Before and AfterEeek!  I have a bedroom that I don’t hate anymore!  I am LOVING the changes we made so far.  We are still in the process of decorating it, and it is still a little bare, but the paint alone made SUCH a huge difference.   Check this out!

Ok, so we used Glidden Paint’s Sanctuary Blue (in Eggshell) for the walls, and we painted the doors and trim/baseboard white (we used semi-gloss) and the ceiling a flat white.  As you can see before, we didn’t have white ceilings and I really can’t emphasize what a huge difference it makes in the room.  There is more light, (so bright) and it’s now a happy place to be.  I have also been told to ALWAYS use flat paint on the ceiling, so we did.  It looks really great and we don’t get any reflecting or lights that bounce.  I think I am as excited about the white ceiling as I am about the new walls:)

I decided to go with the Glidden Paint’s Sanctuary Blue because I thought it was the most peaceful.  I was picturing a grey, with blue highlights, but I think it is more of a blue with grey tones.  And it is totally appropriately named!  It is a very “sanctuary” color.  Before and After 2


The process was messy.  DANG messy.  But only for a couple of days, and it was all so worth it!  My husband is very good with the spray gun, so instead of rolling the paint, we taped, and prepped (and prepped and prepped) and sprayed the walls.  I always recommend using a spray gun, as (in my opinion) the finish is flawless.  It is also faster.  Granted, the prep time is more, but we found some canvas sheets to lay over our furniture and they worked out really well.  I would rather spend the time prepping and less time spraying, but that’s just me.DSC_0010

I found a lot of the decor accents at World Market.  I have been eyeballing this accent chair for sometime now, so when they did a “Friends and Family” 25% off discount, I went a little nuts.  The light fixture is from there as well.  It is not a chandelier that I would normally look twice at, but it was the finishing touch, and I thought the color and style was a perfect fit.DSC_0115DSC_0077DSC_0109 DSC_0092 DSC_0089 DSC_0097

Anyway, there is more to come with decor, and window treatments, etc., but I wanted to show off what a difference paint can make!

*I have been sponsored by the Glidden brand paint for PPG to write this post but the thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

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Master Bedroom Design

October 19th, 2014

I normally would call this a remodel or redecorate, but we really never “modeled” or decorated it to begin with.  It seems like our bedroom is the last room in the house to get any attention.  We focus most of our efforts on the rooms that people see, i.e. entryway, living room, kitchen, dining room, etc.  And of course, the kids’ rooms are usually put together.  So, it was time.  Time for us to create a peaceful retreat that we SO deserve at the end of each day.

My biggest challenge in doing the room is deciding on the color palette.  Not because I don’t love a lot of colors.  The hard part is deciding on one.  My husband and I are VERY impulsive and we like change a lot!  This trait has been both a blessing and a curse over the years.  My big fear is that I decide on a color palette, go forward and halfway through, change our mind.  So, I take this task very seriously:)

When it comes to paint, my husband and I have never feared the result.  The nice thing about paint is that it is relatively inexpensive and if you don’t like the color you choose, the very worst case scenario is that you paint over it.  That’s the beauty of it.  Painting your room gives you the very biggest (and most drastic) bang for your buck and completely changes the feel of your space.

There are a million directions I could go, but my big concern is trying to make a peaceful room, that is not too feminine.  After all, he is 50% of this room and I want it to feel that way to him.  The good part is that we are starting from scratch.   We bought a bedroom set last year and actually have a headboard  and a dresser for the first time in the 9 years we have been married (priorities, people!)  So, we are starting at ALMOST scratch.

I wanted white.  A white bedspread, white accents and a peaceful blue or grey wall.  I just couldn’t get over that with 4 kids crawling in our beds to cuddle and all the other things my life is full of at this stage, that the white would not be white for long, and it just isn’t practical.  Unfortunately.  With a 2 year old that has a gift for finding red cherry chapstick and bottles of sunscreen, white was a no-go.

So I am back to the drawing board.  I am starting with paint.  Once you decide on a paint color, I think you can find your direction easier.  I am loving the greys right now, and I want to do something that is a light grey or slate blue-ish?

Here is the canvas I am working with:DSC_0332DSC_0335DSC_0331

Quite possibly the most boring master bedroom ever.  I was actually shocked when I looked at these pictures!  As if I am not sleeping in that same room every night?  Time for some personality.

I love the poppy color right now, and I think I want to go with a blue base.  I have found a few colors that I LOVE from Glidden Paint’s new color palette.  I am trying to decide between Sanctuary BlueIcy Waterfall and Silver Swordplay.  They are all really great shades of grey/blue and I think they will really show off the poppy accents. I  want to use a lot of white where I can, in hopes that the colors really pop.

I found a really fun tool on Color My Room on Glidden paint’s website where you can choose color palettes and upload pictures of your room and “virtually” paint them.  So, after many-a-wasted hour, I should be able to choose my paint. :)

I am hoping to get started this week, so stay tuned to see how it all comes together!


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Creative Tabletop Decor Ideas

July 28th, 2014

Sometimes I struggle to decorate end tables or even my kitchen table without the use of a vase, flowers or a clock:)  So, it’s time for me to think outside the box and find something unique to use as a centerpiece or on top of my end tables.  See what you think of these!

Creative Tabletop Decor Ideas

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