10 New Uses for Wire Twist Ties

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Today we’re talking about wire twist ties. You know those little doohickeys that are abundant on bread bags? You’ll also find them stored with the bags in the produce section of the grocery store. They are often overlooked because they do such a simple job, but wire twist ties are a great thing to reuse and recycle. Stick around to see 10 new uses for wire twist ties!


  1. Whenever I come home with fresh produce, I toss the wire twist tie into a drawer for another use. My favorite way to reuse them is to close up bags of frozen vegetables, French fries, marshmallows and brown sugar. I always need one for this!
  2. If your glasses or favorite pair of sunnies lose a screw, just replace it with a wire twist tie until you can get them repaired. Thread the tie through the screw hole, twist tightly, then snip off the extra length.
  3. The blades on your razor or electric shaver can be tricky to clean, but a wire twist tie is small and sturdy enough to remove a blockage.
  4. That wire twist tie makes a handy ring to hold together a group of items like keys, paintbrushes, or metal washers.
  5. A green twist tie is perfect to attach a Christmas ornament to the tree when you don’t have an ornament hanger.
  6. If you own a bird, hamster, or other small pet, reuse a wire twist tie to hold the cage door securely closed. This is a life saver if the door is loose!
  7. Reuse a wire twist tie to mark your knitting or crochet project when you put it down for awhile. This is a great reminder tool for where you were, or what stitch you were using.
  8. Got a missing zipper pull on your hoodie or jacket? Attach a twist tie to the zipper head. It works great until you find something more permanent.
  9. Reuse wire twist ties in your garden! They hold plant markers to wooden stakes. They can also hold droopy plant stems to a support stake or tomato cage.
  10. A wire twist tie is helpful to hold extra lengths of electrical or charging cords in your home. Your cords will look much neater!
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