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Unique Ideas for a Ceiling Makeover

Ceiling Makeover Ideas and Projects

I have noticed lately, that when I am on Pinterest, looking at fancy home ideas, I am attracted to beautiful, unique rooms.  Most of which have these amazing ceilings!  I never really pegged myself for a “ceiling person” but… I…

13 of the Most Perfect Sinks Ever!

13 of the Most Perfect Sinks Ever (1)

I realize it is awfully early in the game to be thinking of a kitchen reno (just built the house a year ago!) but I have always wanted a white farm house sink.  I love them!  I want one! The…

Fun and Creative Outdoor Swing Ideas

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I am getting really antsy for my backyard to be done.  I have some pretty grand plans for it and {as funds permit} I am looking forward to getting it started next year.  One of the must-haves on my list is…