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How to Paint a Lampshade

How to Paint a Lampshade I love the idea of painting or stenciling an old lampshade to spice it up.  If you find one at a second hand store or garage sale, this is the perfect solution to make it…

The 4 Things you Need to Know about Using Fabric Paint

Suddenly, my DIY and home decor options are endless.  You can use fabric paint to re-purpose or recycle lampshades, rugs, curtains, couches, chairs, etc. There are a lot of tricks to making sure your fabric paint projects turn out flawless. 1. Use…

9 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Paint

I had no idea I could paint some of these things!  You are only limited by your imagination, when it comes to paint.  Here are 9 amazing things you can paint- that you have never even thought about!