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7 Ways to Make Your Small Kitchen Look Huge

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It’s hard to concentrate on preparing a decent meal when your kitchen is cramped and cluttered. Here are five ideas inspired by the DIY network that will help you open up your kitchen and make it a more pleasant working space.

Life-Changing Bathroom Organization Ideas

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My bathroom is a mess, plain and simple. Toothpaste (lid not fitting tight and a little crusty), toothbrushes, flossers (possibly one that is used-don’t judge.), comb, a few rubber bands, fingernail clippers, hair products, etc.  ALL THROWN INTO 3 DRAWERS…

10 Crafty Organizers that Everyone Can Afford

10 Crafty Organizers that Everyone Can Afford

  Ever since I put the playroom together for the kiddies (Christmas) I have been obsessed with finding new organizing and storage ideas.  I spent $PLENTY.00 of money on the decor, the boxes, the bench seat, and hello- the Christmas…