Small Toy Organization- The Perfect Jar


There are a few things I really love.  I love baskets and jars.  I am not sure why, I think it must be a gene of some sort because I am inherently attracted to both of these things in any store I am in, even when I have no use for them whatsoever.  BUT. I found these great jars at IKEA for super cheap (like 3.99 a piece) and I wanted to use them in my playroom for all those small toys that get lost in the big toy baskets (see! we don’t have a toy box, we have toy baskets!)  Anyway, I love to make stuff look like it is on purpose, so I painted the lids with chalkboard paint and here they are:







Best way to paint these:

1. Use Plastic primer.  You have to.  You have no choice.  Do 2 coats.

2. Spray on Chalkboard paint.  You can try to use the brush on latex, but it could get ugly.  This is my warning.

3. After 2 coats, let them dry for a couple of days before you go scratching up the surface with chalk.








PS- I am totally qualified to tell you the best way to paint these, because I screwed them up the first time, and the paint peeled right off.


I think they are pretty darn cute.  They are perfect for things like small cars, rubber discs (or other ninja ammo), bead sets, Polly Pocket or other small toys, etc.  And… I made this chalkboard table from an IKEA  coffee table and look how perfectly they fit underneath!