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How to Refinish Stainless Steel Appliances

How to Refinish Stainless Steel Appliances

  You can remove scratches from your stainless steel appliances using sand paper and a sanding block or an abrasive pad and follow up with steel cleaner/polish. OR you could simply purchase a steel repair kit and follow the instructions…

10 Easy Projects that Will Boost Resale Value

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For those who are moving, and even those who aren’t but want to boost their home value, there are a few DIY projects that will help immensely with increasing your home value.  A few of these really surprised me!

Unique Ideas for a Ceiling Makeover

Ceiling Makeover Ideas and Projects

I have noticed lately, that when I am on Pinterest, looking at fancy home ideas, I am attracted to beautiful, unique rooms.  Most of which have these amazing ceilings!  I never really pegged myself for a “ceiling person” but… I…

12 Reasons to Love Plantation Shutters

I have said before, that some things I can DIY and make cheap things into amazing things, and some things I just have to bite the bullet and pay for it.  They are ‘spensive!   For me, they are even…

How to Paint Your Bathroom Tile

The DIY industry has become so robust that there is almost nothing you can’t fix up or restore.  Replacing old outdated tile used to be the only way to change the look in your bathroom, or give your tub a face-lift  …